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Originally Posted by Jabba about ZERO advertising, no presence at rallies, no availability in retail outlets, and a website that leaves MUCH to be desired?!~ From my perspective as a salesman, this product is doing damned near everything to maintain a small market presence- despite the outstanding qualities of the product itself. I have a feeling that Wayne's business is as large as he wants it to be or he'd be pursuing SOME form of promotion to grow it.

have you ever thought that he may be using reverse pschology (sp)..... you know.... wisper to get someones attention. Yep I wish he would have done some advertising. I could have saved the bother of the 5yr old aero stitch ( like new) I will never ride w/ again.

AS a former business owner, specially in Louisiana, it is almost impossible to grow from a few employees to over 10~15.....w/o MEGGA capitol! Personally, I am going to order a second "port"... so that in the event he goes out of business, I can still ride in the bestesteseses gear in the Milky-Way!
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