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I forgot to include a comparison of published torque specs.... which may be more indicative of a any bike's performance in the real world:

Triumph Scrambler: 51 ft-lbs
BMW Dakar: 44 ft-lbs

[assuming of course that the companies' conversion from those Newton- Meter thingees is correct ]

The two bikes even cost about the same.

The Scrambler is obviously a niche bike...I think intended as a entry level bike for some, but primarily to appeal to motorcyclists' sense of nostalgia and style. At that level it seems to be on target.

To some extend H-D has made a fortune tapping into that sentiment. The motorcycling intelligentsia have been whining for years that Harleys and their owners are testaments to style over substance and performance....underpowered, overweight, etc.

Meanwhile, millions of Harley owners obliviously donne their costumes and have fun riding their overweight and underpowed bikes each weekend while the stockholders make money.

These are our toys. This is who we are.
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