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Originally Posted by Eeyore
With the Uly gone and the Scrambler being a new offering [sort of] , I think I may see a new "mission" for me here.

Folks have mentioned the weight and the "puny" engine.

I just did some interesting comparisons with the BMW F650GS Dakar [which coincidentally, I have listed in Flea Market ].

Published [Dry] Weight:

Scrambler: 451 pounds
Dakar: 425 pounds

Published HP:

Scrambler: 54 HP
Dakar: 50 HP

Using the 7 lb. / HP urban motorcycle myth conversion factor, it would appear that one could expect the performance of these two bikes to pretty much be a wash.

I know it isn't quite that simple and the published figures may or may not be real-world accurate, but it suggests that someone comfortable with the performance level of a larger bore thumper like the KLR or GS might be satisfied with the Scrambler's engine.

I wouldn't want it for my only bike, but it sure seems like it would be nice addition to the stable for running around town and afternoon jaunts in the it is cool as hell.

If I can get my bikes sold and the Geezer Glide paid for, I might just run down to LR and eyeball one of these.

I'm already thinking of a clever title for my long term review....uh oh.

Here we go again....well....defintely maybe.

don't do it....

i'm selling the roadking and want to put in a pool.... and if you buy one... then i may have to buy one... and i really can't afford one right now... but how can i not afford one... seems like a great idea...

ok... do it.
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