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Ask Woody About Your Wheels

WOW,,,it's THANKS giving day 2013,,,and some 469,125 viewers and 3,184+ answers/replies later,,,i figured it was time to thank ALL of you and add a few observations to post #1...

in an effort to serve you all better,,,i'm offering this thread as a general place for you all to pick my brain and see what i can offer in the way of enlightenment and solutions.

Please,,,do not PM me about your questions/problems/price quotes ,,that's why this thread was created,,,ask me ??? in my PM ,then only you get the advice,,,pop your ??? here then EVERYONE get's the answer

FYI,,, i have started a variety of threads since the early days,,check em out,,,i'll add more as time permits,,,i've added some threads by others pertaining to the same subject...

for your perusal,,,


**ALL GS's with X-laced/genuine tubeless wheels

demystifying the bunk re: straightening /truing/rebuilding GS wheels

Who has had problems with cross spoke wheels?

GS wheel truing


Tubeless spoke wheels for F800GS

BMW F800GS rear wheel Bearing failures and solutions


Hp 2 19" front wheel conversion ?

SuperTuff II ss sidestand brackets for HP-2

r80G/S, offsetting rear wheel for larger tires

Replacing spokes on GS wheel

Woody's 21" vs OEM 19"


21" spoked front wheel on a F650GS?

Flat spots on a GS rim


Ask Woody about your KTM 19/17 wheel set-ups

product up-date on KTM/Caponard 19/17 tubeless wheels

*ask woody about your billet hub wire Vstrom wheels

Show 'n Tell us about your Superlaced and Superlite Wheels.....



who wants adjustable sidestands for their bike???

last but not least,,,a special note of gratitude to our Moderators Arch and Gadget Boy for their helpful hints,,advice and encouragement over the years

....and in case you'all are wondering who daman with the plan is...thanks to fellow inmate Sakurama capturing me while truing his Rickman front wheel restoration...

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