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Caveat emptor:GSs that work with 18-21 combos

Originally Posted by Pilbara
Had a similar experience but in the opposite direction. I went from 19/17 to a new set of wheels for the GS being 18/21.

For people who don't conform and ride the GS where it supposedly should not be ridden the 18/21 combo is a great improvement. If you don't ride it in difficult sandy rocky rutty and compromising off road situations stick with the 19/17, these are much better for road going work.

Thanks woody, wish I had done the 18/21 before wrecking my 19/17 wheels. Dont have any good rims for those hubs do ya?

Pilbara,Surly,YellowPpig,CrASH,Afekete et al,,,please chime in,,,

BWOE,,we have found out that it all depends on just what model you own,,,,Surly has an 1150GS Adventure,,,with 30-36 Tokico calipers that threw a wrench in the works for his 21'' conversion AND his 18'' rear conversion didn't have enough clearance

here's what does work,,,doing the 21'' with oem x-laced rim works on all bikes....Yellow pig and CrASH,,,both will agree it works great off road using their oem 17 rear wheels,,,it's the simplest way to improve your offroad capabilities

we have a similar combo available in Excel rims 1.85x21 and 2.50/3.50x17 with conventional lace,,using the Monzter spokes

and Pilbara,,we can relace/repair your wheels for far less money than buying new ones,,,we have new and used rims in stock should we not be able to repair your rims,,,w
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