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I am not sure the best way to organize such a thing, but wanted to check if anybody else has done it first.

I am guessing we'd have to have 3 classes of loaner tools:

1. small tools that have been donated
shipped to the next person who needs them by the last person who used them

2. small tools that people are willing to lend out
shipped out on loan by somebody who gets them back afterwards, borrower pays shipping both ways

3. large or fragile tools that must be used locally or on site
come to my garage to mount your tires, synch your trottle boddies, that sort of thing

I guess we'd have to find a way to weed out unscrupulous types
(must donate a tool before you can borrow one, must have another ADV member vouch for you, must ???)
but I think with some logistical planning it just might work.

I am willing to purchase the BMW SHB tool pictured above to kick things off if others think this is a good idea
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