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Another thought is since ADV is truly international in scope do we ship tools from Yerup to 'merika to N-Zed to Asia to.... you get the idea.... or do we make localized pools of tools?

As for the Policies...

There has to be responsibility on the borrowers part. Some one forked over the coinage to procure the part in the first place and potentially he might want the tool back... However to force a borrower to replace a tool lost by Fed-Up (like, he forgot the insurance or something...) might lead to 'difficulties'. So we could do a paypal thing and have a 'rental fee' of some sort to build up a tool recovery/purchase fund which would cover say 50% of the cost of replacing the tool (the borrower would cover the other 50%).

Now all of the above are just ideas but all of a sudden the level of complexity of this swell idea has risen yet again to new heights. And we haven't even touched on wear and tare of the tools...


Originally Posted by Zen Slug
I'm happy to manage the details (who has what where) and coordinate the tool request/shipping cue. I'm not as good with the "what happens if..." part of the equation. I tend to believe that people are honest and trustworthy and I realize that's not always the case.

Do you think I need to find a bouncer? Do you think we need to have people put down a Paypal security deposit or something before they can participate in the program as a remote borrower?
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