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over filling

Originally Posted by thumperron

I'd have to challenge the idea that the oil is really expanding all that much. You'd be hard pressed to measure how much it expands. The real issue is how much remains in the engine sump and how much you put in the frame. If you get too much in both locations, it will have to blow out somewhere.

Rule of thumb should be to put in the 2 qts and run the engine good. Not just idle. I've noticed on mine that idling it checked low after I stoped it, but once I reved it up it check ok. I just add till it's completely full though, which is ALWAYS more than 2.06 qts.

Oil and oil pressure

I donít have evidence but Iím thinking if you overfill the oil the pressure can be great enough to blow seals and foul the plug. Maybe even the air expands when it's hot and causes to much pressure.
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