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Originally Posted by geode
I think a flat "fee" per use would be reasonable for the user to pay into a self-insurance pool, just a case of managing that. If the pool grew enough, then maybe certain specialized tools could be bought by the pool for loan.
Now that's not a bad idea. Establish a fund, and participants pay into the fund to participate. On the other hand, that more or less turns the program into a tool rental sort of thing, instead of a loan program. On the other, other hand, there is going to be shipping cost associated with the program anyway, so no one is getting anything for free anyhow...

And then there's managing the "insurance." What consistutes a claim? Who judges whether or not a tool was actually lost or damaged? Do fees get adjusted depending on the cost of the tool?

I'm trying to think of the sort of things that would get shipped around. Brand-specific things like that BMW socket might work; the borrower gets a $60 tool for $5 in shipping, plus maybe the insurance. How many of that sort of thing are out there?

My bikes are pretty simple, and so are my tools. Can't imagine too many folks would want to borrow what I've got, and I'm not sure I'm in a position to loan my only torque wrench out. Maybe carb synchonizers or such might be useful...

I'll be watching the thread, but I don't know how much I'll be participating.
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