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Good points all around!

Originally Posted by johnjen
Another thought is since ADV is truly international in scope do we ship tools from Yerup to 'merika to N-Zed to Asia to.... you get the idea.... or do we make localized pools of tools?
I don't think it would be cost efficient to ship tools across international borders. I can agree to coordinate the USA tool pool and maybe others can step up to coordinate tool pools in their own country or region if there's enough interest. Other tool pools could post their information (tools available, contact person, terms of borrowing, etc.) farther down in this thread and then I can put direct links to them in the first post.

Originally Posted by geode
I think a flat "fee" per use would be reasonable for the user to pay into a self-insurance pool, just a case of managing that. If the pool grew enough, then maybe certain specialized tools could be bought by the pool for loan.
A flat fee sounds like a good idea, certainly it would be nice to have cash in a fund to replace tools that are lost in the mail or suffer extensive wear and tear. Does anybody have opinions about a reasonable amount for this flat fee ($5 or $10). The cost should take into consideration that the borrower will also be paying for shipping of local tools. Or maybe there is a 1 time flat fee ($50 maybe, or outright donation of a tool worth $50 or more) when a person signs up for their tool 'library card' and after that they only need to pay for shipping?

Also, who should manage and account for the money in the pool... I've never done that sort of thing before.
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