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Originally Posted by geode
would be nice to hear from someone who thinks they'd want to borrow a tool and get their input as to what they'd want to borrow.
Good point... I changed the link in my sig line to "Wannna borrow some tools?" to see if we can attract some potential borrowers for input.

Originally Posted by geode
I am guessing we'd have to have 3 classes of loaner tools:

1. small tools that have been donated
shipped to the next person who needs them by the last person who used them

2. small tools that people are willing to lend out
shipped out on loan by somebody who gets them back afterwards, borrower pays shipping both ways

3. large or fragile tools that must be used locally or on site
come to my garage to mount your tires, synch your trottle boddies, that sort of thing
I think Catagory 3 may be the one that gets the most activity.
You're probably right about category 3 being the most popular, although I'd like to think that category 1 has potential as well. Category 2 is probably the least likely to work because most people won't feel comfortable shipping "their only torque wrench" to somebody the don't know.

Edit: I just ordered the f650GS steering head bearing socket pictured on page 1. After I do my SHB job next week I will donate that tool into the pool (in category 1) and ship it to the next person who needs it.

In other news...

I'll be on vacation for the next week and a half and may not be able to check in here. I'll be curious to see what kind of ideas people have posted when I return.
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