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Originally Posted by rokklym
Oh wise suspension Guru's

I never got the owners manual for my bike and even if I did, I doubt I'd understand it. I'd like to set up the suspension on my XRL to suit me. My bikes suspension is totally wrong right now, too stiff and tall in the back end.

I realize that I could release some tension on the spring, but its already within 1/2" from the top or so. What I'd like to know is what do the adjustments do?
The slot on the shock reservior, and the adjuster on the bottom. I realize they are probably compression and rebound, but I really don't understand how that will affect the bike.

Also, what do the adjusters on the bottoms of the forks do?
Hellsickle told me to set the compression to (almost) the softest setting. Unless you are bottoming out already, softening the compression will help going over bumps. I did that, and it helped. The adjusters on the bottom of the forks adjust the compression. Try adjusting them to a softer setting.
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