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Originally Posted by danger_dave
Big fan - my 'favourite' H-D (after the XB12X - ooh can 'o worms). Have quite a bit of saddle time testing them. I have access to the local H-D rental fleet and occasionally abuse the privilege.

What gets me is the guys that say 'Harleys are (insert blinkered ignorance here)' and have never actually ridden one. Cracks me up.
I couldn't agree more.
I met up with a group of riders on GSs a few months back. They were riding pretty fast but i managed to keep up on my bone stock (air filter and quiet pipes) Road King. (i even passed two of them ) When we stopped i introduced myself and we had breakfast. During breakfast the question was, so... what work do you have done to it.... none. how did you keep up.... you just don't slow down for the corners

The more people i ride with on the buell the more doubletakes and sheer shock i see.
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