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Wink another comparo

I decided I needed to expand on Eeyore's line of thinking for those who feel that the Scrambler isn't a real dirt bike. Hat tip to Eeyore for the comparo to the F650 since it's on my consideration list.

Herewith, a comparison of the Triumph Scrambler to the F-16 fighter jet:

Published [Dry] Weight:

Scrambler: 451 pounds
F-16: 37,500 pounds (gross)

Published HP:

Scrambler: 54 HP
F-16: 27,000 lbs of thrust

By any logical standard the Scrambler is slug compared to the F-16 but then the F-16 has no real off-road capabilities at all. I could probably carry my .45 on the Scrambler but that's no substitute for the F-16's M61-A1 20mm cannon. Then there's the whole farkle thing. I could carry a GPS on the Scrambler but is that any match for the F-16's AN/APG-66 pulsed-Doppler radar?

Well, there is a substantial price difference between the Scrambler and the F-16 even if you buy the F-16 in quantity like some countries do.

After thinking it over, for my purposes the Scrambler wins over the F-16 although I sat on a new BMW F650 last weekend and liked that a lot too.

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