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Thumb Well the tool sharing program is oficially underway in the U.S.A.!

I shipped out the f650 GS steering head bearing socket tool to the first borrower yesterday. I sent it by USPS "Priority Mail" and it cost $4.80 to mail. The first borrower was Beem Dubya and I'm hoping he'll chime in here in a bit with some feedback regarding donations, shipping, etc. He said he's willing to contribute to the TooL PooL fund once we hammer out the details.

TooL PooL membership terms (proposed):

lifetime membership = $50 donation
(or donation of a tool with a value of $50 or more)

a la carte tool borrowing = $10 donation
(after 5 donations automatically converts to lifetime membership)

All donations will be put into a Paypal acount that will be used to replace tools that are damaged or lost and/or purchase new tools for the shared pool. The borrower is responsible for shipping the tool they borrowed to the next person who requests it.

How does this sound?

P.S. Since Beem needed the tool before I got a chance to use it he'll be shipping it back to me when he's done. If you want to be next in line for that tool send me a PM
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