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get these rims BUT add the cushdrive rear hub from LC-4 Supermoto

Originally Posted by KenR
Hey Woody!

I've got an '03 640 Adventure that is just begging for black wheels. I spoke to Chris about the project several months ago but got sidetracked. I understand that the front wheel hub is considered under-sized (20mm I think) and that an aftermarket hub would beef things up, along with the Superlace job.

I want to stick with 18" rear 21" front and ride the bike 80% dirt/20% road and intend to ride it in offroad rally events. I'm using the Dunlop 908RR Rally Raid tires. What width wheels do you recommend?

Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this site!
i'd go for 1.85x21 and 2.50/2.75 x18rear,,,superlace it,,,and if ya want an inside tip,,,nows the time to convert your rear wheel assembly to the KTM cush drive set up!!!!!

doing a trick talon or RAD hub looks nifty and yes it's stronger,,BUT the KTM cush drive from their Supermoto kit was built for a reason...the cush drive eases loads on the entire drive-train!!!!!

since the big-bore 4 stroke evolution hit,,,we rebuild an inordinate number of wheels from broken blasted apart rear hubs ....NO manufacturer is exempt,,,,,have NEVER seen a broken cush drive ....the sprocket carrier and dampening cushions add circa $150,,the oem rear hub circa $215...about the same as a Talon

HEY ,,,does'nt your 640 Adventure already come with a cush drive ,,,well,,,everything i talked about holds true,,,'cept it's really addressed to the solid rear hub crowd,,,hey it's been a loooong day,,,woody
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