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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
Why is this not a good idea on the 03 and later bikes? I see they have a different sized bolt/hole but for the life of me can't understand why that would matter.
Also, is it critical to tighten the bolt and then shut off the engine (in that order)?


Meat my friend... the first paragraphs I wrote involved tearing you a new asshole.
Then I remembered something that I try very hard to remember and as often forget... something I need to remind myself of so often that the last paragraph is actually that reminder.
And the first few paragraphs are a toned down version of the original asshole tearing.

It's a fine idea on '03 to present... as Chris has already indicated.
What makes it extra fine for '02 and earlier is that the smaller size of the filler bolt makes the more complicated "burp hose" method somewhat less effective.
Allowing the oil to simply bleed past the filler bolt is a quicker, simpler and only slightly more messy method... if your timing is good.

When I wrote that DIY guide, I said right up front that nothing is chiseled in stone, that there may be a better or different way that works for you.

I learn new and better ways to do things every day, and although the method may not be new and better for some... it's a perfectly viable alternative to the more finicky, neat freak burp hose thing that I came up with a few years ago as my first alternative to the book method.
If you'll recall at the time, there was no guide anywhere other than the owners manual and there were a buttload of people spinning out about changing their oil... so much so that they were paying a dealer to do it.
My original intent was to provide a simple, clean blow by blow methodology for the novice oil changer.

Some people can only do, or even think about one thing at a time, so for those folks, would you rather stop the oil from spewing all over your bike first, or shut off the engine first... which does stop the pump, but does nothing for the oil level that's an inch above your filler bolt by now?

I've lost track of how many times I've tried to explain how the LC4 oiling system works.
Every few months, or at least every model year, someone questions the procedure, wondering why KTM made it so comparatively complicated, and why can't they just cheat... and not dick around with the frame fill/burp or-fuckin'-deal.
If those same people would take the 10 minutes they spend bitching about the system and procedure, and look at the oil system schematic and read the point by point description that KTM provided......
Or... maybe I'm being too presumptuous where mechanical aptitude is concerned. Perhaps, what skills and knowledge I take for granted may be an ability not readily found in others.
Maybe I should remember that a common question means a common lack of understanding, and that figuring out an oiling system, although a natural process for me, is the equivalent of rocket surgery for the majority.
I can't play a musical instrument to save my life... it doesn't make me an idiot, just a guy that has no aptitude for musical instruments.

And so it goes... I apologize for almost tearing you a new one.
So... how's tricks?
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