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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
My bold font is the bit of information that I needed to understand why one might want to tighten the bolt ASAP - and why your burp tool makes that unnecessary. Crystal. Sorry but the oil diagram didn't show that to me; perhaps my eyes did glaze over when I looked at it, repeatedly.
Sorry... that bit wasn't directed at you, but rather a generic rant/preface to my "rocket surgery theory of musicanical aptitude" speech.

Originally Posted by meat popsicle
So if your burp tool isn't used, one should be prepared to tighten the bolt - have the wrench on the bolt perhaps - because the time taken to shut the bike off and prepare to tighten it = more oil leaking out.

Originally Posted by meat popsicle
No apologies necessary' you musta had your kid gloves on, or you are going soft on us... The bike should be done dripping, and my beer is almost done. Back at it.
Beer? That's the real problem. Too bad Prohibition is so hard to enforce.
So... how's tricks?
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