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Bicycle thread

So I haven't exercised in well over 2 yrs, seriously.

And I eat like a 16 yr old suburban kid, sleep like an air traffic controller, and drink like a sailor.

When I was a kid I was somewhat serious about bicycling, at least from around 13 to 18 yrs. I did club rides for my age group, did a few centuries, and long freestyle tours solo, and with groups. I even rode a Mtn bike when no one knew what they were. Then (as I got more into motorcycling) I went to running for a good 5 yrs. but that faded out as my lower back became worse (from two accidents, one car, one motorcycle),

So I'm thinking of getting back into cycling. I have a very good Klein mountain bike but I find it's not geared for city use (geared too low), and even with the thinnest hybrid tires, it still whirs as I'm moving along.

I'm thinking of getting a decent road bike, but not sure what "type".

I seem to be drawn to the time trial style bike, because of the handlebars/shifter/elbow pads. They seem great for cranking hard, cardio, etc, but they also seem too "trick" with the small wheelbase.

I'd like all you cycle nerds to help me out with advice on bike style, and brand. I hear they're all made in China now anyway, even Cannondale....


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