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Rim width for sand

Hey Woddy & Chris,

Still haven't managed to as much as scratch the wheels I got from you last year, but I do have a question.

Before I high sided in the weekend and dislocated my shoulder I was riding sand with two ther 950's, both with standard '05 rims, while I am running the 1.85 up front and 2.5 rear....we are running a mix of tires but are all running 140/80 & 90/90's

I noticed everytime that I was immediately behind either of them that I seemed to need a little extra speed to stay in on top of the sand. All carrying similar fuel load and not hugely different in weight.

One of my fellow ADV riders has also ridden both my bike and the others and has commented mine seemed more inclined to carve the sand and wash out.

This got me to thinking.... when I ordered my bullet proof wheels for rocks etc, have I short changed myself in the sand area by having rolled my tioes into a rounder profile and hence less 'flat footed' for the sand?

If this is the case, simple, I get my stock wheels and bring them over for you to re rim with standard width, heavier duty rims klater in the year....but I am looking for imput on if this may be a contributing factor.
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