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Originally Posted by Perry
That's what I was told, that changing what already is a great MTN bike into a road is silly because of the ergos. My Klein is a really small frame (like 16") already.

Thanks (RE THE tall bike, but I'm 5'8".... ).

Basically I'll be riding pretty straight, no traffic as it will only be in the Park circuits or the riverside bike paths around city.
It's a little silly. If it meets your needs it's cool. Mechanically, running a 22/32/52 is crap. Shifting from your 32 to your 52 will be a bitch.

Bianchi, Lemond, and Redline (and others) all make a good aluminum cyclocross bike for around $1000. I like this idea because you can ride with your hands on the tops or brake hoods and look for trouble OR put your hands down on the hooks and crank it up to 40 mph. One can also run fatter tires which will roll on broken pavement.

Also, (GODDAMMIT) get a decent tire pump and put proper pressure in your tires before you ride. I get so sick of seeing all manner of NYC characters riding around with 5 lbs of pressure in their tires. [/rant]

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