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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works
my son chris and i are already scheming on having extra wheels...some with new,,and others with 're-conditioned' hubs,,,when we have the stuff unbuilt i have greater latitude to 'build as needed/on demand',,,the BMW stuff is just sooooo expensive to have lots laying around's amazing what people want,,, for example: woody gimme,,,,

a new hub BUT get it powdercoated or polished or i don't want a reconditioned hub ,,which would be much less expensive

use my old hub,,BUT use chrome or ss or MONZTER spokes and anodize/podercoat/polish my rim,,,

so right there ther are 20-30 combinations..

if you call in,,and tell us what you want we'll build em and try to get as close to what ya have to get a fair trade-in,,,when we get yours they'll get a fair inspection and analysis and we'll work out a win-win many GS wheels come in with bent rims,,,the dilemna is the x-lace pattern does an incredible job of masking the extent of the bends,,,so we HAVE to straighten em first,,,BECAUSE itis IMPOSSIBLE to do this wit traditional spoe tweaking/truing techniques...and that's where the crux of the problem lies
Thanks Woody.
That's about what I figured.
I will be in touch with you to talk about getting the work done.

Ride Safe,
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