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Originally Posted by Jarvis
I don't get your gearing problem. I regularly ride my Trek mtn bike (hardtail, with slicks) in DC. When I'm in the top gear, I'm hitting close to 30 mph, which needless to say, is rare. This is with the stock Shimano 27 speed drivetrain.

Anyway, I find the mountain bike to be much mo' betta for the riding I do in the city than my road bike. The front fork sucks up the curbs, potholes, and tourists. Compared to my road bike, the upright position of the mountain bike is more comfy and gives me a great view and a lot of control when splitting traffic, etc.

All for what it's worth, of course...
A lot of truth to what you posted, but if you went from an MTB to a full on road bike, you would feel a huge difference in responsiveness and pedaling ease. 40 MPH top speeds on a good road bike aren't too difficult for most reasonably well conditioned cyclists.

Glad I could cloud the issue for you Perry.
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