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Originally Posted by Twinman
The cyclo-cross bike is an idea although a road bike with 23-25mm clincher road tyres on good 32-36 spoke rims will also take a hell of a beating and be as maneuverable.

Don't be one of those dicks wobbling all over a bike track with your arms stretched out on aero/tri bars @ 20mph. Those bars aren't stable or safe in that environment. You don't need that crap unless your damn fit and strong anyway.

I still think those low spoke count (20-24) wheels are a BS gimmick and not as tough as the above mentioned 32 spokers on a good Mavic Open Pro (or equivalent) rim. I have no time for fancy gram shaving crap that makes hardly any difference and needs constant maintenance. I got an alloy Trek with Ultegra Shimano which is all you need for anything this side of the le Tour, but there's any number of bikes equal or better that I'd happily ride also.

Thanks for the advice. Would definitely go with clinchers too, does anyone but track racers use sew ups anymore?
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