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Originally Posted by Somebody
I have a friend who rides a Pista in NYC. He loves it, but said that he put a front brake on the thing after 2 near-death experiences in his first week of ownership. My one longish ride on another friend's fixie was loads of fun, but left my knees sore the next day. I could see having one to ride every week or two as a change of pace, but not for my primary ride.

I test-rode several bikes over the past week, looking for a decent rugged road bike to take over commuter duty from the mediocre flat-bar hybrid I've been using. Most of the bikes I tried were Al-framed cyclocross bikes. I ended up buying a Bianchi Volpe yesterday. Steel frame, and the cheapest and probably the heaviest of the bikes I tried. But I chose it because of ride quality and gearing more appropriate to my use, not price.

I was up late last night transferring farkles from the old commuter to the new, and then had trouble getting to sleep because I was itching to get up and ride the thing to work. The old hybrid is going to get fitted with the fattest tires it'll take, and then used as a quasi-mountain-bike on some local trails.

Yeah, I'd go with the front brake too, I'm also looking at this =

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