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Originally Posted by Gummee!
if anyone's interested...

My custom Russ Denny AL frame/ Ouzo Pro bike are going up for grabs here soon. TT is 54.5cm not quite sure what the angles are, but it fits me and I'm 5'8".

I've got ALL!! the rings and cogs to go with it to race competetively at the track.
The fork's got the hole for the brake...
King HS
Cinelli 64-40 (42?) bars (Crit bend, not the deep track bend)
Superbe Pro cranks (165)
Campy 'Sherrif Star' Record wheels (Velocity Escape tubular rims/Turo S3 Pro tires)
Control Tech SP and Flite saddle

Best of all, I had it powder coated pearl black. It looks black till you get it out into the sun, then it turns a deep metallic blue. VERY nice.

All yours for the low, low price of $1100 shipped.

No pics, but I can take em if needed.


Pics and I'd consider - I'm 5'8" too
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