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Originally Posted by Baldy
That was The Off That Changed Everything...

Physically, I was 100% a few weeks later, despite the br0ken stuff like pelvis & skull.

Mentally, I lost my 35-year love affair with riding in the hills outdoors. But strangely, I found a new love: my trainer in the garage, surrounded by home theater equipment.

No flats, no sunscreen, no having to fill my jersey pockets with energy bars, no waiting for red lights, no coasting down hills, no bee stings, no drunks buzzing me in SUVs. Just a great workout while watching 24, etc.

I know, I'm one in a thousand who likes a trainer. But I really love it!
yer a sick bastage there Baldy!

'Course if I was almost kilt by a driver, I'd have second (and third, and fourth) thoughts about getting back out there too! Problem is... I don't TT and riding in a pack requires a certain familliarity with what's going on.

You thought about track racing? There's no cars there either!

Good luck with yer riding there tough guy!

I just (re-)saw that yer up the road from me now. IF you wanna go for a ride outside, lemme know. I'd love to get my arse handed to me by you. (where's that brown-nosing smilie when you need one?!)

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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