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Originally Posted by Gummee!
I'll give ya some of that. Iffen ya wanna go quickly, riding like Grant recommends ain't the bestest way... Iffen ya wanna ride SLOWLY by all means have at it.

There's been generations of pro cyclists honing that 'go fast' position. Ya think they may have it right?!

No question that Grant's outlook would be bad advice for racers and those who aspire to race. I think his point is that the mainstream market has largely ignored those who want reliablity and comfort and don't care about those last 2-4 mph. He also doesn't like teh look of modern bikes, but that of course is subjective.

Frankly, dropping 4 punds off a bike just isn't going to make me go faster and if I wanted to fold myself into a preztle, I'd take up yoga.
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