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Originally Posted by dlew
You are right on all counts, Perry.

The slippery aspect is an interesting one and I think it's really true. Any of those softer saddles with supposed padding really grab you and work you over, IMO. The Brooks is not about padding. It's hard but it's comfortable after broken in.

There are big fans of Brooks and some not so big fans....

Seems to be a love-hate thing.

I've got three of 'em. One is on my Phat, one is on the bastard cruiser from hell, the other is sitting in a box in the closet. When they break in they are IMHO pretty comfy. I think like any seat it's such a subjective thing...but the ones that I have that are broken in feel really nice and offer a bit of shock absorbtion. On of 'em is a honey-colored one and it's really pretty.

Oh, one more thing. It takes 80 years to break one in. Enjoy!
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