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I met up with some friends today for a break-in ride. Lots of twisties, elevation changes, paved, cratered, dirt, wet and dry. Typical NJ ride

It's the kind of ride that I specifically bought the bike to do. I wasn't disappointed.

The bike is very composed under all conditions. I was especially pleased with the way it worked on the dirt roads we did- a couple of which were pretty bad and rutted. Suspension compliance is superb, and combined with spot on frame geometry numbers makes for a very confidence-inspiring ride- the bike hooks up better than any big bike I've ever ridden (other than the 950A). Imagine that- a KTM that works in the dirt

I was particularly impressed with how it handled a somewhat long uphill stutter-bump section. Trying to go up this section fast on every other bike (and I mean, a lot of other bikes) always resulted in a high lurch juddery ride to the top, that felt like the rear suspension essentially checked out and went into hard tail mode. The SM just smoothly flew up it very calmly. Ditto performance on cratered pavement- very confidence inspiring and easy to make time.

The Scorpion Syncs do thier part- providing exellent traction and feedback wet or dry, paved, gravel, or dirt.

Aboout the only thing that wasn't very impressive was the gas mileage- about 32 mpg for two tankfuls

I'll end with some honorable dirty bike pictures

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