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Originally Posted by itsatdm
You might detect the ovaling by looking into the carb, but it is hard to detect as it doesen't take much. The throttle response issue is really evident at high altitudes, might not be so noticable at lower elevations
Thanks Itsa-
I didn't mean that I could detect the ovaling by looking into the carb, but I sure should be able to tell if they are the brass or the nickel plated ones. Also, from the sounds of your post on Carpe, I should have no problem & may even be better off sticking with the stock needles. Good, as I never did see the needles on the Factory Pro site, & less $$. : )
I have never had the running problems that you mention, but it sounds like it would get better in any case. However the prior owner said that he never used or needed the choke for starting & wondered if it had been jetted. Looks like I will be finding out. I do use the choke if it is dead cold, first start, but sparingly.
Yeah, that diaphragm vacuum powered fuel pump has to go. What a pain. Never had a bike that needed a fuel pump.
I did have a running problem due to carbs once. It was strange, as it appeared after running one season with no problem. Then it cropped up. One of the air screws/jets was way off. IIRC it was only out 1.5 turns instead of 3. WTF!?
I think I ended up @ 2.5 turns on one carb & 3 on the other. Hmm. Guess I should sync the carbs after installing the new tubes.

Sounds like we have the same pipe/can. I hate the way it sounds. Been described as obnoxious. Prior owner also claimed that he took it off & tried the stock pipes, but lost power. Stock setup is also a lot heavier. So-- (EDIT: Wait, you went back to stock pipes?)

Your bike sure looks familiar.

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