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Originally Posted by wpbarlow
This is even more boring than the "show us your Uly" thread

At least they come in different colors and have some options.

The SE is a pretty striking bike for sure but, and here's the salient point fellows, THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!
No, the salient point is that by purchasing parts from suppliers that are the same you can reduce the cost of the units so we can afford toys. Dirt bikes are not custom choppers, street bikes with various overpriced "options" but bikes that are used and sometimes come home after a first ride looking like they had been in a war. I was stuffing my 950 Adventure down v-cuts, thru creeks, up hills, over rock ledges and ramming thru brush (that was a mistake, the screen scratched up) as soon as I had protective gear on it. Basically I took it where I took my 450 EXC. You can do that with the SE with more confidence. And, it is a lot easier to pick up. And the bike is tough. (See BeemerBoy's report on his mountainside crash on his 950 Adv. HE should have the new SE for what he rides in Asia.) Anyway, I want parts that are durable and inexpensive to replace and KTM supplies that. I am uninterested in fou-fou custom parts whose only function is to have different colors, etc.
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