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here's how we do it...

Originally Posted by wibby
What's the best way of balancing a spoked wheel?
I have a balancer and the lil adhesive lead weights but they look a little tacky stuck to the sides of the rim

your basic set up here is close,,,to refine it here's what we do,,,

1. we have several axles in various diameters set aside for the exclusive use to balance,,,ALL constantly monitored for straighteness

2.where you used a bushing to prop up the shaft we use smooth worn ball bearings with no seals,,,to minimize drag

3.. tape a weight works fine,,,provided you preclean the surface with brake cleaner or acetone

4...up to an ounce of counterweight we install at the light spot of wheel assy,,,,make sure all ojects like discs n sprockets are mounted for a more accurate balance job

5, where heavier weights are needed we like to install the weights in a delta patern 1e,,more like 120 degrees apart,,,much smoother

6. for roadracers and enduro riders,,,we cover the weights with a piece of duct tape as added insurance

7, ALWAYS check your wheel /mag for true and no dents/flat spots....before ya balance,,,it's a waste of time n money to balance a crooked wheel,,,,you'll have a wheel that physically will still shimmy n hop once you ride on it

PS,,,pssst,,,FYI,,,, you don't stick the weights on the side of the rim,,,ya stick em either on the drop center portion of the rim or on the flat surface to the left n right of the drop center
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