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Originally Posted by queenpdog
This is humorous
I just realized that I had already checked in on this thread a while back. I must be getting old....the mind is going.

Since I raised the topic of KLR's, how many women here are riding them? 250 or 650. The 650 doesn't scare me away, but I would like a bike that is pretty easy to push around in the dirt. I kind of like the Sherpa. Anyone got one they need to unload?

I had a KLR 650 with lowering links. Didn't do much for me. Not a great road bike and not a great dirt bike, unless you strictly stick to two tracks/fire roads (boring). It sucks on any kind of single track trails, which is something I'm into. Ended up with a SV650S for the road and a DRZ250E street legal for the dirt. This set up works much better for me.
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