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Originally Posted by mandango45
----post of a person who ran Distanzia AM44's on both rear and front, cept the front was a ............... yup! you guessed it, a rear rotated proper way round and put on the front.
Not sure I understand what you mean, "rotated proper way round ".
Is your front tire mounted with the rotation arrow pointing in the direction of rotation? Or Rotated 180?

Am running a fairly new Pirelli Scorpion ST on the rear, & a new Pirelli Scorpion AT, actually made as a rear tire, on the front.
However my front is mounted backwards, arrow pointing in the opposite direction of rotation. Was advised that this was the way to go if you must mount a rear designed tire on the front. Tread pattern for rear is designed to accelerate forward, so if on the front, it would be correct to decelerate. Makes sense to me.
Had to make a choise ASAP, front was shot. Did not realize the 'right' front was that hard to get. Seemed like the best match for the rear.

I doubt that it would be a big problem either way, maybe not as good wear. We also had some discussion about mixing radial with bias ply tires. Never mix 'em on a car, I know that fer sure, drove somebody's years ago. Whoa!

Same guy that really did not think much of using a rear on the front - but, did say if you needed to do that, mount it backwards, did not think much of mixing radial with bias ply either. But that was a "may-may not handle funny" thought. I do value/trust his opinion.
My last set was mixed, radial & bias ply. As are these. Seem to work ok, but I may not be the one to judge.
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