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Question Fuel / Air Delivery issue (I think)

Greetings everyone ......

K ... I do have this somewhat strange issue going on with my TDM that I have yet been able to truly deduce.

First, I'll give ya all the symptoms, and then a little history on what's been done on her ...

It seems like, if I don't start and / or ride her (mind you all I just got out of a cast for a broken foot so I haven't been riding for the last 7 weeks) so if I don't at least start her like every 3 days this happens;

She labors while running, seriously. Like I have the choke all the way out, and she labors to keep the idle (even after the engine warms up) at 1.5 rpm. If I put the choke in, she'll stall. With the choke out and you apply throttle, she still labors, like the engine is definitely not running smoothly.
I'm an o.k. mechanic for minor things, and I can follow instructions in my Haynes manual to do stuff, but for advanced troubleshooting on what might be wrong .... welllll ....... I really am more of a jockey.

At first I thought it was a total fuel related issue, but this can happen when there's still gallons of gas in the tank ..... so that has led me to think that maybe it's more of an air issue ..... dunno.

After the mystery symptom happens, if I go out and start the TDM every day after work, it will get better and better, and finally after about 2 or 3 days of starting her with the choke all the way out, she's fine again. If I run her every other day after that she's fine. If I wait, let's say, 5 days before I start her, the problem could (but not always) happen again, and the cycle repeats.

Back in Jan of this year, while replacing the battery in her, I got a break in one of the fuel lines ..... not fun. So I trailered her into the shop and they did the following;
Replaced the fuel lines
Cleaned and synced the carbs
Performed an over all tune-up on her

So. Unless there was something up with the actual tank, I can't see how it would be a fuel delivery issue, which also really doesn't fit the cycle of symptoms, at least not in my mind.
I can't see how it would be related to the carbs, since they were worked on 8 months ago.
Before my little fall off my back deck, when I was literally her every day, she had no, as in zero, problems with this ....... so the only thing that I can find as a pattern, is that if I don't run her for a number of days, this problem may, or may not, happen.

And as I stated above, when it does happen, it seems to work it's way out after a couple of days .........

Does anyone have any suggestions, or has anyone ever encountered this with their TDM ????????

Take it easy everyone ......

03 Caponord

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