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Looks good Walter ! Damn, I just ordered a 165 MJ and the axle sliders from Munn last night, I missed the lid for the MC and the cover for the frame .

For the plate I just drilled new holes and mounted it directly to the fender, no extra hardware. I'd like to loose that parachute all togther but it would be a project with the integrated seat lock...

I tried a rfs sm front fender I had lying around, it needs some plastic "machining" but will fit w/o much effort.

As far as the cansiter goes, mine is still intact for but will be removed after the first service. For now I unplugged the tank vent from the canister line and ran a short length of clear line behind the headlamp. Since I have done this I have had zero problems with hot starts or after sitting in the sun with a full tank. The drain line from the mikuni valve under the airbox has also been dry.

The last few rides home have been in the upper 50's and the bike feels lean in the midrange. Anyone else notice this ? I plan on removing the airbox acess covers, raising the needles one clip position and trying a 160 in the front and 165 in the rear, along with a tweak to the fuel screws.

Regardless, what a great bike ! It really feels as flickable as my now gone 625SXC was in SM trim, but with smooth predictable power. If I ever get my new digi cam I'll post some pics...The agfa ephoto dinosaur finally went toes up
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