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Originally Posted by itsatdm
Only my opinion and I truly love my TDM, I wouldn't drop a couple thousand in mine. As much as people say they would love to have one, you won't get your money back if you sell. Hard parts are getting hard to find and are expensive, as is the plastic. When mine reaches the stage you sound like yours is at, it is going to find itself stripped to bare bones, a proper skid plate fitted, some AT tires added and let see what it can really do on a proper trail.

I'd like to find one somewhat cosmeticaly chalenged just for that reason. Unfortunatly most for sale are pristene street bikes for more money than I'd like to spend. Now if I could find one ready to strip I have some crazy ideas in my head. The only thiong that stopped me on the last one was the cost of repairing the crank. Spun a rod bearing I think. Now looking back I wish it was still in my garage.
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