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Your favorite "Camp" pic

My youngest child and I took a camping adventure ride to Colorado this summer, via secondary roads. We had two goals for our adventure; camp for free and stop for icecream everyday. Our favorite camp is what we call the Bale camp. We were on a county road somewhere in South Dakota, we had stopped for cheeseburgers and icecream for supper, and we were looking for a place to camp. The view rolled on forever and we just pulled off into a field of freshly baled grass and rode up over the ridge and parked the Tiger behind a bale. We laid the sleeping bags on the ground in the shade of the bale and watched the pheasants in the distance. There was a nice breeze and no mosquitoes. We slept out under the stars.

I want to start a thread of favorite camps. Just give a short discription of the camp and post a picture.
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