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Originally Posted by rick danger

Danger, that bike looks awesome. Great freakin job, man....

My first mod? Well within a week after I bought the 06, I left it running in the VERY slightly downhill driveway. Went inside to find some gloves, came back out it is on the left side, scuff marks in pavement, where it had vibrated and finally toppled over. I was crushed, but except for a few scratches on the hand guard, a scuff on the grip and the clutch lever has a really nice bend in it with the ball broken off, perfect for 3 fingering, no damage to tank or anything else. LOL, I love it. I need to file it down smooth though. Oh yeah long lasting as well. I have since dropped it in the dirt, and the mod made sure it didn't get broken again. lol, thank goodness no damage to the KLR, my ankle hurt like hell though, lol.

Good luck and trip it up the way u want bro/sis.
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