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So far, the mods to my own bike are;

Relocating the license plate
rear subframe upgrade (
'T' or 'Y' mod to the carb vent line
adjusted pilot screw - huge difference!
160 main and 42 pilot - snorklectomy - reversed back to stock settings...still working on this one....
replaced almost every piece of hardware with high grade stainless Allen heads - and blue or red loctite! (
waterproofed as much of the wiring harness as I could - good thing too! (long story)
added 12V power harness & Battery Tender Jr. harness (will be a sealed batt soon)
inner fender flap to protect the rear shock from mud & debris
Magnetic Drain Plug
Doohickey - DONE! (
MSR ATV Midrise Handlebars (I like these a lot)
Doskocil rear box - like a Pelican 1500 - dovetailed easy mount system
rear 12" LED brakelight
Mobil 1 oil
Hella 3.5" aux lights - HIGH Beams! WOW!
Braided Front Brake Line - Orange! from the great folks at
Fork Brace
Headlight guard
Front HP Engine Guard w/hiway pegs

So far, that's it. I think. There may be one or two more but...?

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