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Originally Posted by cmack
Hmmm, KLR mods, I know a few things about those...

Here's my list:

(Massive Snippages, highlight mine)

IMS 7g tank and Dual Star Rad and Pump Guards: Fit and finish of the IMS out of the box leaves something to be desired, but the thickness of the plastic trumps any aftermarket tank I've seen. It offers superior protection for the radiator when used in conjunction with the rad and pump guards and is lighter than the stocker and/or nerf bars. It also can be polished up, making it much more attractive. In terms of range, I'm getting 300 miles to reserve, and another 20-30 miles thereafter.

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff... but whatever I've missed, I'm sure someone elese will cover.
Hi cmack & Gang,

Your bike looks great! I just scored an IMS tank from Fred. What magical potion did you use to polish yours? I'll list my mods in the near future when/as I remember them.

Best, Steve
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