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Originally Posted by KLRific
has anyone done something to their bike that they just hated? Or put something on that did absolutely nothing to better the bike or interfeared with something else?
I can't recall any mod that I "hated", perhaps tires that disapointed and won't be bought again; perhaps a set or two of grips that weren't what I was looking for; perhaps there may be some farkle which hasn't revealed, as yet, if it was indeed a waste of time & money. We each have our preferences for tires, seats, grips, which are easily experimented with and changed if not up to personal standards. I have yet to find an accessory that was poorly engineered or of shoddy manufacture/material.

I believe our suppliers have done their homework and are offering quality do-dads which may or may not enhance our riding experience depending upon our personal views. Some of us are running stockers, some of us have every acc'y in the known universe. The rest of us are somewhere between.

Let this thread move to the do's and don't's of klr mods. What do they need to be more fun, and what should we absolutley stay away from?!
It would seem that we are in agreement that if there is but one modification/upgrade that is of prime importance it would be the Doohickey Upgrade.
#2? Jeeze, that opens a debate don't it? My vote would be for another known failure issue; the questionable quality of the subframe fasteners. They're easy to upgrade, why take a chance?
#2.1 - Replace shift pedal before it fails
#2.2 - Disable "safety" interlocks before they fail
#3.0 - Premium air filter
#3.1 - Premium brake pads
#4.0 - Replace fork oil

These few mods provide you with a reliable ride you can have confidence in to get you home safely. For me the next most important addition after the skid plate was the double-wide toothed foot pegs. When I hit the Rough, I stand, and when I stand I stand on my balls (we're talkin' feet here); much better control and feel than standing on your insteps. Double-wide pegs offer more support and grip than that rubber trash or single-wides. YMMV.

Anything to avoid? Eldon doesn't like centerstands nor fork braces; lotsa guys swear by 'em. Everybody has something in mind to avoid and probably a valid reason for it. At my next chain/sprocket renewal I'm going back to a 15t CS sprocket (from a 14t) and drop the final gearing with a 47t rear. Reason; the larger radii of the larger sprockets are easier on the chain due to (hope the physics guys don't laugh too loud) decreased angular velocity.

Your views?

Best, Steve
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