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The rear pivot bearing allen bolt on my 93 GSPS really did a number on my spokes when it came loose and backed out, striking all of the spokes.

That notch is about 1/16 in deep.

How much what are we looking at (ballpark) to have the rim re-laced?

I also have a spare rear wheel that has 1 bent spoke but appears to be OK otherwise (although from reading the thread it seems that is not likely). Can just the one spoke on that spare rim be replaced? I live in denver so i could just drop it by your shop.

That allen bolt really did a number on the pivot bearing it was supposed to be holding in place. When I pulled the swingarm I found that my driveshaft is about 15 deg out of phase too. This has become very expensive and I'd like to keep the costs under control. At some point I want to have beefier spokes installed on my rims but the costs are rising faster than my paycheck can keep up, so if possible I'd like to just replace that single spoke for now.

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