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Whats the best piece of equipment you've ever bought?

This is a thread that I've wanted to start for a while.

I like to get good stuff. It doesn't all have to match or be from the same brand. Some brands have some good stuff, while other stuff they make is total junk. So, if I were to gear up with the best item for each necessity, what are the top reccomendations?

I'll start. MSR offroad jacket. I've had this thing for ten years or so, always have worn it when riding dirt bikes in the woods. It has a few small holes from thorns and such, but after a lot of crashes in the dirt, it is still in pretty good condition. Faded badly, but still worn all through winter and keeps me warm and dry. I've had MSR MX pants in the past also, and they are just as tough. This stuff lasts a long time.

Other responses and reccomendations can be for body or bike. So what items did you buy that you have really gotten your money's worth? What stuff has outlasted your expectations?
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