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This took a good bit of thinking. But overall, I have to say the best equipment I have ever bought is my Hillary 7 X 7 dome tent back around 1971. It has weathered many trips back in the frenzied 70s 50+ mph thunderstorms and lots of beach camping throughout my USCG career, and is still my first choice for motorcycle trips to rallies and up to the mountains.

Never seam sealed, it has never leaked. It forms less (almost no) condensation than any of my other, better ventilated tents in cold weather even though it has just the door and back window as the only ventilation (and I still haven't figured out why not). It did require the wife and me to push all the gear to the upwind side and lay on it to avoid going tumbleweed in one thunderstorm in the Marquesas Keys once, so it can't really claim expedition tent wind resistance. But otherwise it is the best thing I have in the gear lineup. This year, after 35 years of use, I will finally have to replace the elastic cord inside the poles.

At the Chain Gang Pre MOA Campout in Ohio...

At last year's True Grits Rally, TWO, Suches GA...

Hot or cold, rain or shine, I love this thing.
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