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BMW Riding gear.

After being wet, hot, cold, torn seams, fading, tears etc.

I got a pair of the Savana (now Santiago) boots. Had em for 3 years not a prob.

After my other wets leaked badly (torrential conditions) I thought well the boots were good how bad can the suit be and I lashed out and got a Santiago suit.

I do about 30 000kms a year from scratching to offroading in it. Its been brilliant and I would not hesitate to get another. After 2 2/2 years no problems with it. Good for hot and good for cold to about 8C.

I wear the GS/Rallye gloves in the heat (45C) and the summer rain glove with a pair of the BMW silk under gloves underneath either as I have previously badly burnt my hands and they are a bit sensative. Not ever a blister, nada, not even a red spot on my hands. This combo works very well.

Would I buy a BMW bike? Very unlikely (maybe a K1200R). Would I buy BMW riding stuff, certainly. It aint cheap but theyre stuff is so versatile I really only need one set. I may get a set of their pro race leathers and boots for scratching and track work.

Yes I am a happy camper.
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