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Originally Posted by rallybug
Saw this one on an Italian Triumph website

Now pricing up the Norman Hyde 5.8gal tank, Ohlins piggy-back rear shocks, replacement spoked wheels with alloy rims......


that is one road going sexy girl

here is the picture that fat tank on that bike paints for me

close your eyes

picture it with a set of leather throwovers and parked at the base of Machu Piccu with a light patina of South American dust

The sun is setting and you reach into the left bag and pull out that blanket sided canteen. It is still about half full of fresh water from the rest stop at the last town. You sit on the ground and lean back against that gorgeous bike and use the water to chase the shot of celebratory mescal.

I am not sure what it is about the Bonnie but it makes think of taking it down the road farther than my ST1100 or my F650 Dakar ever did.
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