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Originally Posted by IBRider
Please, tell us how you REALLY feel...

This one just hit home as today I was riding home from Summit Point motorsports park and had the same damn thing happen to me. I had the visor barely cracked open on my Nolan N102, as it was hot and it's vents leave something to be desired. Of course, a damn yellowjacket misses the windscreen and makes it directly into the 1/4" opening into my helmet. I freak (at 75 mph, not good) but calmly swing up the chin bar, thinking this, and working my gloved fingers around in there, will flush him out. No dice. As soon as I flip the chin bar back down the little fucker zaps me in the neck.

Moral of the story?

Next summer I will be getting a better vented helmet (Arai XD?) that is comfortable even with the visor closed.
Been there, done that, Brother!! Did a big weave, one handed, trying to get that m**********r out. Didn't work. He got me on the right cheek, just below my eye. Swelled up big time within an hour. Sucked.
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