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Originally Posted by mutineer
standard bar more comfy

M bars can't you forward a little but, but not a lot

at near highway speeds and above the wind on your chest keeps weight off your wrists

plus the Bonnie seats all allow a lot scoot room so scooting up close to the tank give you sit and beg posture and scooting back puts you in a cafe lean

I dig the bars and I typically prefer a sit up and beg posture like a Strom or my old F650

my biggest beef is the peg to seat length is too close for my 32 inch inseam

I see a set of the least ugly hway pegs I can find in my future
Your bike inspired me to go look at some Triumphs today. Spent about an hour, sitting on all kinds of bikes, R1's, Scrambler, Bonnie, Bonnie T100, Thruxton 900, Ducati. A bunch of great looking bikes. I was kind of surprised at how small the Triumphs felt (After riding a GS). (Im sure you all know this already) The Scrambler basically is a Bonnieville with knobbys on it, or thats what it looked like. Seems like you could throw a set of knobbies on the Bonnie (Or vicea versa), and you'd have the same capability as the Scrambler, something for thoes of you who are "Should I get the Bonnie or the Scrambler?", 2 bikes in one. I liked the lower exhaust vs the Scramblers Exhaust, I see burning yourself easly on the setup. Over all the bikes I keep coming back to the Bonnie T100, more chrome more shinny and a Tach. I wanted to check out the all black Bonnie but they didn't have any there. Deffinetly a possible next bike.
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